Pizzeria POS System

What’s it like to have your own Pizzeria? Was it hard or easy? If you’re just beginning, you may find it hard to manage a business, but if you think that as the time goes, it’ll be easier, then you are wrong, why? As your pizzeria grows bigger and bigger, you will find that it’ll be harder and harder to manage and keep track of everything. In addition to that, you will need a better real-time tracking tool, a thing that can be hard to do if done manually. However, if you can use a better tool to effectively track and monitor everything in real time, I’m sure that you can have a better way of planning your marketing strategy. You can easily do that by using our customized for Pizzeria POS systems, a computer system designed to help you monitor everything in your Pizzeria, from bulk orders to the smallest slice toppings.

With a customized for Pizzeria POS systems, everything can be easily tracked. With this kind of ability, you can create a powerful marketing strategy that can lead to success. In addition to that, you can also keep track of your employees, staff or other things. Inventory and stock management is also taken care effectively.

Summarized lists of features are:

  • Unlimited list of toppings
  • Add toppings to halves, quarters or the whole pizza
  • Change sizes and crusts with a single touch
  • Streamline ordering process by minimizing touches required to order a pizza
  • Print order slips with customer address – Perfect for delivery!
  • Further modify pizzas with half toppings, double toppings and other instructions
  • Create complicated pizza menus within a few minutes
  • Specialty pizzas can be configured to default with pre-set toppings (ex: Hawaiian, meat lovers, everything)
  • Pizza price shown as the pizza is being built
  • PIZZERIA POS – CALLER ID System integrates directly with the customer database in the Pizzeria POS software. When a customer calls in, easily view their name, address, phone number, order history and order preferences

If you want to learn more about our Pizzeria POS systems, you can easily contact us via phone at 1-888-405-8706.