Café POS Systems Cafe POS

Have you been looking for an effective way of Café management, one that has inventory tracking, stock monitoring, employee work logging, detailed reporting and more? Then, Café POS systems are just for you. With its powerful ability to complete point of sale efficiently in a lightning fast manner and its efficient power to complete all of the aforementioned tasks, you’re going to be sure that you are in full control over your Café. But you might ask, “It can be hard to learn, isn’t it?”

Our Café POS systems come on an intuitive design, which can be easily learned in no time. In addition to that, we can add custom programming to create options and features to your liking. But I’m sure that you have another question in mind, which is, “Why would I get myself a Café POS System? I already have electronic cash registers, aren’t those two the same?”

They are the same but greatly different in many aspects. An electronic cash register can only do nothing but take cold hard cash and spit our change, with little or no monitoring support. A POS system on the other hand offers more powerful way of monitoring sales and stocks as well as providing efficient and accurate reports that will give you an excellent view of your business performance.

In a nutshell, our Café POS systems can grant you the following abilities:

  • Inventory and stock monitoring
  • Generation of accurate sales reports, income and other things
  • Tracking and logging employee access to the system
  • Monitoring employees work hour
  • Ability to view current sales and stock conditions at near real-time
  • Monitor pricing and adjust them anytime anywhere
  • Create powerful marketing strategies like customer points, VIP services and others
  • And many more!

Those are only few of the features that you can get when using POS systems. If you want to know more about our system and services, you can always call us at 1-888-405-8706